Bernadette Clinic

TaG is pleased to bring in Bernadette van Klaveren for a distance and jumping clinic on June 22&23, 2013.  I have a link here to a write up about the clinic and what Bernadette brings to the sport as well.  Please feel free to let others know about this.


Practice like you trail, trial like you practice.

February 9 snooker fest

What a fun day of snooker runs.  Mike and Louise gave us some fun and challenging courses today.  Lots of q's given away.  Results are up in the trial page.  Still recovering from my knee injury so got to watch a lot more runs then I normally would be able to.  Saw some great starters runs and was nice to see the class almost empty out by the last snooker run.  Was great to see Jesse and Beija get a Q on the last run.  Louise gave some fun but challenging courses, with some mirrored courses.  

Want to say thanks to everyone who helped out.  Made is easier for me to stay of my knee so that it can heal.  Great job also to Catherine and Carol for getting the results out quickly and Steph and April for getting the q's and volunteers tickets out quickly and timely.  

Was nice to be all done and but away by 5pm, and even with the later start.  Know onto planing for the April Pacific Playgrounds trial.  Looking forward to lots of fun.  

Thanks to all the helpers and it was a joy to watch you all out playing with your best friend.

October Trial in the books

Well another TaG trial has been done.  We had lots of fun this weekend with challenging courses from Sarah Mairs.  Started off Friday night with us getting setup up in under an hour thanks to those who came out and helped move equipment and set up the rings.  Saturday was great with nice clear weather outside and lots of fun inside.  Sarah started us off with a Gambler course and seeing if our dogs could find there dogwalk contact without us and a tunnel in the middle.  Next were a couple of great standard courses with lots of fun challenges.  A very "European" flavour to her courses.  We ended the day with a Snooker course that had everyone running to get some straight tunnel in #7.  Sunday started off with a Challenge course and it was lots of fun with again lots of "European" flavour.  The standard courses as well tested our handling abilities and how fast we could get our dogs around the course.  Not for the faint of heart, or knees, hey Steve.  The steeplechase was fun and very quick and we ended the weekend with a great jumpers course that kept us on our toes.  

Thanks to all those who stepped up to help this weekend.  We got done at great times each day.  Was also great to see people step into roles that hadn't done before and do great jobs.   Great to see lots of smiles on lots of faces, and lots of happy dogs.  Next event will be Oct 27 with the DASH trial in the evening.  Hope to see you there. 

Off to Nationals

The TaG team is getting ready to compete at the AAC Nationals this year in Nanaimo.   There will be over 12 dog and handler teams going to compete against the rest of the Canada's top handlers and dogs.  The Nationals will be held over August 3-5 at Beban Park.  There will be lots of opportunity to watch the dogs run as there will be 9 separate rings being run.  Good luck to all those who are going!!

Shasta Retires from Agility

It is with sadness, at this time, but with lots of great memories to 
take that we are announcing the retirement from agility of Shasta.  
She has had an awesome agility career.  She started agility training 
back in 1999 in South Surrey, then when we moved to Campbell River we 
started training with Ian Pate and learned tonnes from him.  He saw 
the potential in Shasta and helped bring it out.  Shasta was 
originally trained by Debbie and competed with her for the first 6-7 
years of her agility career.  Debbie and Shasta attended the first BC 
AAC Regionals and finished 12 that year in the 22" Regulars division.  
They then went on and competed at the 1st AAC Nationals in Calgary.  
They performed great and came away with a top 25 placing.  Shasta has 
competed in 10 of the 11 BC Regionals and 4 Nationals as well.  She 
was on the podium 3 of those times with her best placement last year 
of 2nd in 16" Vets.  She has plenty of other titles as well but that 
just tells alittle of the story.  Her attitude out on the course was 
something to see.  She had the drive to want to go and the ability to 
do just about anything.  She has taught us many wonderful things about 
what fun it can be with our dogs and those they bring into our lives.  
Wishing her many more wonderful years as she continues to roam our 
farm and find someone who can throw the ball for her.  Thanks Shasta

2011 Regionals

Great TaG representation at the 2011 BC Regionals held in Abbotsford.  
It was a cool and wet weekend for the dogs and competitors, but a 
great time was had by all with several individual first place finishes 
with 4 dogs reaching the podium this year.  In 16" Specials Mike and 
Annie finished 6th and Traci and Cue finished 4th.  In 6" Specials 
Claire and Spy finished 2nd, and in 16" Vets Louise and Reign finished 
2nd as well.  There were 14 dogs from TaG  that qualified to go to the 2011 AAC 
Nationals. Very impressive!!!

New Teacher Addition to TaG!

We would like to announce that April Statz has joined the TaG team! She will be teaching on Thursday nights. We know she will make a great addition. Her sheltie Linkin has taught her many things and her background in teaching will be a huge asset! We look forward to having her on our TaG team

BC Championships

TaG Rocks at BC Championships!!!!

Claire and her 2 dogs Duke and Spy finish 4th and 2nd to get on the poduim.

Steve with Sasha place on the poduim for the 1st time with 4th place.

Glenn with Shasta place 2nd on poduim.

Pamela with Rex finished 1st in gamblers.

Also with qualifying scores to get to Nationals are: April with Linkin, Mike with Jimmy and Annie, Pamela with Rex, Shannon with Tracker.

Even though not everyone qualified they sure did and did a great job! Tenea with Gwen, Teresa with Sadie, Jackie with Louie, Coleen with Maple, and Sharon with Max sure came close.

Way to go everyone!!